Membership in the Lords of Leather is by application only.  Prospective new members are subject to the application process and approval of the entire voting membership.  If you’re interested, click on the application button below for the membership application.  There are four classes of membership:


Full active members are required to pay annual dues as proscribed by the Krewe and are required to participate in various fundraising activities during the Krewe year.  Furthermore, Lords are required to attend Krewe functions and assist wherever needed.  In turn, Lords receive the most benefits of membership privileges within the Lords of Leather.  (Current dues:  $500 annually)


Associate members are required to pay larger annual dues as proscribed by the Krewe.  They are not required to participate in Krewe functions, although they are encouraged to do so.  Viscount level membership is geared particularly to those members who wish to actively support the Krewe, but who are unable to attend all required functions.  (Current dues:  $750 annually)


Affiliate members​ are required to pay smaller annual dues as proscribed by the Krewe.  Baron level membership is primarily for those members who are unable to participate in most Krewe activities, and who are unable to take advantage of the higher levels of membership.  Barons receive limited benefits from membership in the Krewe.  (Current dues: $100 annually)


Each year, the Krewe may recognize a small number of honorary members, or Viceroys, for their outstanding volunteer services and support to the Krewe.  Viceroys receive no benefits from their membership.

If you spot or see a leather vest with the large Krewe crest patch on the back, you will know that you have seen a LORD – a full active member of the Krewe.  Other levels of membership are allowed to wear a smaller version of our patch.